I-Phi-T, Gamma Gamma Service Initiatives
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Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc
Gamma Gamma Chapter Service Projects

Here at Gamma Gamma we love helping others. We feel that by helping others we are helping ourselves. We don't like the term Service "Project" because of its connotation with work. While our Service Initiatives are sometimes a lot of work, we LOVE to do them, so we don't look at them as projects. We consider them "Initiatives" because they instill in us, and those we work with the Initiative to be the best Brothers & Sisters we can be. One factor that makes one a good Brother or Sister is the desire & willingness to help others! You will find some of the Serivce Initiatives Gamma Gamma has participated in below:

IOTA Youth Alliance-S.E.Wisconsin Region

The IOTA Youth Alliance is a national umbrella program through indivual chapters of Iota Phi Theta address the issues & needs of African American Youth in their communities. Under the auspices of the Alliance, chapters either work with existing organizations, or create new ones based on the requirements and available resources in their locality. The Youth Alliance is especially important because it allows the Fraternity to make a national impact, while maintaining ties to those causes and organizations with whom it has had cultural & historical relationships. The IOTA Youth Alliance was formed in 1993.

The IOTA Youth Alliance-South Eastern Wisconsin Region was formed January, 1996. There is currently one chapter in the S.E. Wisconsin Region. The Kenosha McKinley Jr. High School Brothers & Sisters of PRIDE program is the annugural participant of the SE Wisconsin Region, and the Kenosha Chapter. The Bros. of PRIDE were adopted by the Brothers of Gamma Gamma Chapter into a mentor & responsibility program. We visit the students twice a month. One session is dedicated to mentoring & tutoring, the other is for the PRIDE Step Team rehearsal. The PRIDE program meets weekly with their advisor all of the other student Activity days. (we even visit them on those days, time permitting). We work with the students to influence them to make responsible decisions and enhance their academic abilities (improvement of their academic grades, practicing good study habits, preparation for Sr.High School, etc.)

Next school year (1997-'98) we will be implenting our Youth Rites of Passage program with the Bros. & Sis. of Pride from McKinley & other Jr. & Sr. High School students. In May, 1998 the Pride Step Team will compete in the 1st annual IOTA Youth Alliance Step Competition. The Competition is open to all K-12 step teams from Wisconsin. For more details contact our current Director of Information & Marketing, Bro.DeShon Jackson.
Gamma Gamma has initiated the following since our inception: