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"It only takes a few weeks to pledge
but it takes a Lifetime to be a Brother"

That phrase is heard time and time again within the Brotherhood of Iota Phi Theta and it is one of our rallying points. Although it is slightly outdated by the fact that Iota Phi Theta has moved away from "pledging" to a "Brotherhood Intake Process", the spirit is still the same. Quite simply, the process you undergo before becoming a Brother is secondary to the responsibility you accept once you become a Brother.

Iota Phi Theta is more than a Fraternity, its is a concept ... a way of life. By joining Iota Phi Theta, you are agreeing to always strive for excellence in all facets of your life - academically, professionally, and personally. Furthermore, you are committing to consistently strive to be the best despite any and all obstacles.

This concept has its roots in the Founding of the organization. When Iota Phi Theta was founded, there were already a number of fraternities in existence. Our Founders chose to strike out in a bold new direction and this was not easy. It took a special breed of men to go against the grain and to stand tall for what they believed. They were sustained by the strength of their convictions and the soundness of the Concept of Iota.

Today Iota is growing by leaps and bounds and as we seek to further the growth of Iota, we are looking for Men who have this same boldness and strength of conviction.


Since its founding, Iota Phi Theta has demonstrated a growth rate unmatched by any Black Greek Organization before or since. Time and time again, we have seen that there are men who are seeking an organization with the vibrancy and creativity that are unique to Iota Phi Theta. We are actively seeking men who are interested in helping us to "Build a Tradition" and who are unwilling to settle for "Resting Upon One."

Starting a Chapter of Iota Phi Theta is a process that occurs in several stages. It starts with an Interest Group.

An Interest Group is a set of gentlemen who meet the criteria for membership in Iota Phi Theta and who have been accepted into the Brotherhood Intake Process. These candidates will be closely mentored and monitored by representatives of Iota, as designated by the Fraternity's Grand Council.

Upon completing the Intake Process, the members of this group become full-fledged members of Iota Phi Theta with all rights, privileges, and responsibilities thereto. They then become known as a Colony. (For groups that are reactivating an existing but currently inactive chapter of Iota, this step is bypassed)

The Colony functions as a chapter but must demonstrate viability on their campus for a period of time, usually a year. Colonies are expected to fulfill community service responsibilities, become recognized on their campus, and initiate an additional Intake Group. Colonies must also attend all pertinent National and Regional Meetings.

Upon the successful conclusion of this period, the Colony is then granted formal status as a Chapter of Iota Phi Theta and is given a greek-letter chapter designation.

As you can see, the process is not easy ... nor is it meant to be. We are interested in determining whether a group can create and maintain the level of interest and commitment necessary to contribute to Iota Phi Theta in a meaningful and sustainable way.


To begin the process of starting a chapter of Iota Phi Theta, please take a moment to send us an e-mail. Tell us about yourself - be sure to include your major, your classification, and your mailing address. After we receive your information, we will contact you with further information and instructions regarding the next steps.

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